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Access Control and Intercoms


Building Access Control

We offer a range of Access Control solutions from a single door controller to a multi door multi floor access control system.
Systems are always designed with the focus on safety and then security. Access control systems need to be secure but also allow an escape in the event of an emergency. This can cause a conflict of interest but safety will always be a major priority. There are always solutions to keep within the rules but to also protect your property. There are many electronic locks to choose from and also different access methods. Prox, Pin codes, fire release systems, timed and self automated  devices.
Commercial Buildings, Resorts, Nursing Homes and many small retail outlets are users of our systems. They like to manage their staff and clients to restrict access during out of ours and or restrict access to required areas only. Managers like to have the power to refuse entry at their convenience with or without causing conflict or trying to get keys and or tags returned. Systems will log names/times of all access and if required can create alarms events and point Camera surveillance to problem areas, report to control rooms and or have guards attend.

Intercom Systems

Intercoms systems are always advancing to new levels, providing more features, and sound and picture quality is always on the improvement. We have a range of units that allows not only colour video and intercommunication but extra features like saving snap shots of the caller to the internal memory, to record local messages for the convenience of others in the home or office.
Intercom systems give an Audio or visual advantage allowing you to screen guests or clients from the security of your own home/office. Intercoms will undoubtedly add convenience but will also give you piece of mind and confidence in choosing to opening your door to an unknown stranger.

We have access to a range of gate stations that will interconnect to existing phone systems or stations that can call to individual phone numbers. You give us the application and we will give you a range of solutions.