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Alarm Systems

Having an Alarm System is just one of the ways that you can help protect your premises and/or staff. We can design a Alarm System that best suites your premises' protection requirements.

Here are just some of the ways that we can protect your business:
  • External sensors, Perimeter Beams and Curtain Sensors
  • Internal Quad Detectors, Pet Immunity, Dual technology, 360 and many more
  • Safe seismic/vibration sensors for all safes and ATM’s
  • Glass break and shock sensors
  • Smoke and Naked Flame sensors
  • Wireless Panic/Medical, Fixed Panic/Medical/Fire Guard andDuress buttons
  • Wireless detection systems and devices if necessary
  • Entrance beams & Bells for store/office entry warnings Temperature monitoring of Fridges and freezers and also server rooms and computer equipment areas.
Also with domestic break and enters on the rise, is your home alarm system giving you the proper protection that you require, some domestic features that we offer are:
  • Remote features, of arm/disarm opening of gates and garage doors
  • On and Off schedules of lights, Home services that also can be remotely controlled
  • Sleep mode and or partitioning.
  • Domestic Dialing or SMS reporting
To discuss any of the above options or have any of above features added to your alarm system.