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CCTV Systems

Tanksec Solutions offers numerous high quality options when it comes to Cameras, We offer Cameras that change from Colour to B&W on variation of lighting. Cameras that are stylish and unobtrusive but still cover the numerous mounting options thrown at us. Programmable PTZ cameras to capture customers filling their car and recording their registration plates before they leave. And also with our field moving into the IT Industry we can provide you the complete open platform IP/Mega Pixel solutions. With the added support of all our suppliers we can offer any brand specified.
Have a look at our HD samples and learn more at our Freedom VMS Customer Page.

Digital Video Recording

Digital Recorders have replaced the use of conventional analogue videotape technology. These systems record direct to a Hard Disk Drive protecting your evidence and storing it for requested time required. We offer our DVR’s in the following configurations – 4, 8,9,12 and 16 Cameras. Further to having only one DVR you can have multiple DVRs on a network or anywhere in the world and view all back to one Viewing software. We can offer a fully featured and highly customizable digital video recording platform. The machines now are far more advanced than ever before, recording efficiently but also creating redundancy for HDD failure. Removable Drives, Raid systems, Stripe sets and Mirrored Drives are some of the measures implemented into our systems. The technology is always advancing. Mega Pixel Cameras are here and are becoming far more competitive into the consumer market. Recorded Picture quality with the ability to zoom after the event is now not just some gimmick on TV. Mega Pixel Cameras and Digital Recorders are the greatest advancement in the CCTV industry in the last 20 years and it is getting better every day. Technology is getting better but also the prices are much more competitive.

Interfacing Cameras and Cash Registers (POS)

Tanksec Solutions provides interfacing of cameras with cash registers to allow transaction data to be superimposed onto the camera image for recording. This provides an exact account of the transaction for internal theft control. Optional exception reporting will provide quick access to a possibly questionable transaction such as NO SALES, REFUNDS and VOIDS. Not all registers comply but if it does it is a great way of checking stock against sales. Our Point of sale DVR is working with selected multi-site customers and has proven time and time again as an asset to monitoring sales.

Live Remote viewing with Playback options.

We are able to set up the remote viewing of your camera surveillance via high speed broadband Internet. Being able to check your staff at your convenience anytime, to check after hours entries or alarm activations that the control room has just advised you of. These systems can now be monitored if requested from a control room as with your security system. With Mobile phones and PDA’s advancing every day we have applications to view you surveillance systems direct from your I Phone or similar. More information will be supplied upon enquiry.

Structured Cabling for data networks and Phone Systems.

This is generally not our main line of work, but we can complete a total cabling package of security and data so there is the added advantage of a one call services all attitude. We can offer Cabling for Phones, Security, Data & CCTV. All can be incorporated in one plan of attack and keeps your cabling tidy, creates structure and can future proof your system. Phone configuration and ADSL filtering is also an important necessity for your security system to function correctly.. If not set up correctly the systems will not only give you endless troubles, it may not serve its purpose.