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Tanksec Solutions offers our customer some options when it comes to Alarm Monitoring, PSTN, GSM, GPRS, Personal Dial or SMS.

PSTN Monitoring

System will dial via you standard PSTN land line. This does not cover telephone line fails and system will be local sirens only if lines are cut. Your daily test report will confirm a line fault, but this may be too late.

This is the entry level to Back to base monitoring and may be the bare minimum to meet your insurance requirements.

GPRS Permaconn Monitoring

GPRS monitoring is a Mobile reporting system that polls every 90 seconds or every hour. This meanings the systems checks itself frequently to the control station If the PSTN fails or there is a fault with the Alarm the control room is notified via a mobile data transmission. Not only does the system have a polling feature but it will communicates to either Telstra or Optus with either of one of the 2 sim cards on board. If the mobile network fails it then also backs up to your PSTN. Usually first sign of an intruder would be the Phone line fail followed by alarms. In this case all would be reported via GPRS Permaconn.

The GPRS Permaconn system can be added to most existing panels reporting in Contact ID format. Another advantage of GPRS Permaconn Monitoring is that communications between the Alarm Panel and the Control Room are included in your monitoring fee. The GSM is now older technology but is one step up from the standard PSTN service.

SMS reporting in conjunction with security monitoring can be a great feature. Systems can be monitored to a control room but also can send an SMS to your mobile when kids or cleaners arm and disarm the alarm.

Personal Dialing and SMS Reporting is not recommended as Security Monitoring. These are features that will eliminate a monitoring service fee but can also put you in danger if responding to your own alarms. If client requests to take on the responsibility we can program these features. Our aim is safety first.


We offer our clients the option of the following guard services:
Guard Response - Via our guard network, if requested we can dispatch local guards to all areas for alarm response.
Static Guards – Onsite for a minimum of 3 hours
Random Patrols – the guards attend site a number of times per night depending on clients needs
Premises Lock Up Checks – Guards will check perimeter Doors and Gates are Secure.